Posted on June 06, 2018

Movin’ On - More than Just an Event, a Movement

Concrete Action in Favor of Sustainable Mobility via the Movin’ On Labs and Movin’ On Summit

Montreal – June 1, 2018 – Twenty years after the first Michelin Challenge Bibendum, Movin’ On has emerged as the leading international event in sustainable mobility. The summit is initiated by private sector companies, facilitated by Michelin.

Movin’ On provides high-level mobility stakeholders the tools needed to find concrete solutions for sustainable mobility year-round.

The Open Lab, a community that brings together companies committed to innovation, will henceforth be renamed to the Movin’ On Labs and continue to rally members of this ecosystem and develop impactful solutions.

Movin’ On will become the Movin’ On Summit and be the meeting point, annually, for leading agents in the sustainable mobility sector to share insights and bring global, smart, sustainable and multimodal mobility to life.

The Movin’ On Summit will be back next year in Montreal, from June 4 - 6, 2019, working with C2 as an organizing party once again, and uniting leaders in academia, politics, business, cities and start-ups from around the world.


About Michelin North America

Michelin, the leading mobility company, is dedicated to enhancing its clients’ mobility, sustainably; designing and distributing the most suitable tires, services and solutions for its clients’ needs; providing digital services, maps and guides to help enrich trips and travels and make them unique experiences; and developing high-technology materials that serve a variety of industries. Headquartered in Greenville, S.C., Michelin North America, Inc. ( has more than 21,400 employees and operates 19 major manufacturing plants. 

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