Posted on March 07, 2017

New MICHELIN X STACKER 2 Tire Improves Reach Stacker Uptime in North America’s Ports

Tire Meets Port and Container Terminal Efficiency Demands


GREENVILLE, S.C., March 7, 2017Michelin Earthmover today announced a new, more advanced port tire for use on reach stackers that quickly transports cargo containers short distances at an intense pace to stage them in rows at the world’s ports, as well as at inland and intermodal container terminals. The new MICHELIN® X STACKER® 2 18.00 R 25 E3 tire is now available for this demanding market. 

"Reach stackers are the work horses at ports and container terminals. Eliminating cargo downtime translates into maximum productivity at these facilities," said Jamey Fish, director of earthmover marketing for Michelin North America Inc. “This new, robust Michelin tire runs at a faster speed so more containers can move per hour, delivering profitability through lower operating costs."


Reach stackers are specialized four-wheeled machines designed for heavy-lift applications that load and unload cargo containers. Constantly maneuvering, these machines have tons of lifting capacity, stack up to several containers in height and reach up to several rows of depth to place the containers in the correct queue. Consequently, the tires need to deliver the maximum productivity, safety, longevity and durability to eliminate downtime. Tested in demanding terminal conditions, the MICHELIN X STACKER 2 tire has a number of significant technical advancements that provide added endurance, ability to run faster and increased wear life for improved productivity (1).


The new MICHELIN X STACKER 2, tire built to improve the efficiency and productivity of cargo operations, offers a 40 percent distance-per-hour increase in driving speed capability and an optimized higher crown for endurance as compared with the previous-generation MICHELIN® X STACKER® (1). The tire has a smooth, massive 91/32 inch tread and a higher-crown design for optimize endurance and tread wear. The substantial sidewalls are protected by internal reinforcements to protect against shock ruptures, cuts and accidental damage.


The new, specially formulated dual rubber compound is designed to allow the tire to run faster (2). The outer layer resists wear while the inner layer is heat resistant which protects the tire on the vast pavement areas found at terminals. This prevents tire overheating which can result in tire failure, and in turn, lead to a threat in operator safety. Michelin’s exclusive and patented B2 technology is incorporated into the bead area for endurance. The casing design absorbs surface irregularities and assures protection for the machine and the transported goods.


  1. Compared to MICHELIN X STACKER® 18.00 R 25.
  2. Compared to MICHELIN X STACKER® 18.00 R 25, average performance by port site. Projected improvement in wear life based on field performance in customer port sites

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