Posted on September 11, 2017

MICHELIN Collaboration with TIA Offers New, Advanced Training Course for Earthmover Tire Service

Hands-on technician training validates experience and skills


GREENVILLE, S.C., Sept. 11, 2017MICHELIN Earthmover® today announced that it has launched a new 300-level training and certification course in association with Tire Industry Association (TIA) to certify dealer and industry service technicians who specialize in fitting earthmover tires.

“We are excited to work with TIA to offer this new certified technician course,” said Richard Ameris, earthmover training manager, Michelin North America, Inc. “In addition to demonstrating the skills learned in the basic TIA program (200-level) and Michelin’s earthmover service technician seminar, participants will be able to reinforce the culture of safety needed for servicing mine, quarry and construction/industrial tires to reduce injury. Our goal is to help technicians across the industry to develop consistent safety practices so that they can help our end users gain productivity with their equipment, and more important, go home safely to their families at the end of each work day.”

Completion of both TIA’s basic Earthmover Tire Service (ETS) Program and Michelin’s earthmover tire service technician seminar are required before registering for the new course. The multi-day technician certification class is designed for technicians with at least three years of active, hands-on OTR experience to demonstrate safe application of industry-accepted procedures and skills.

With a focused and small class size, the training is facilitated by TIA Certified ETS Instructors who are dedicated to reinforcing both TIA and Mine Safety and Health Administration standards.  The course is a three-day, hands-on experience. Three sessions are being offered in 2017 and another round of classes will be available to Michelin earthmover dealers and customers in 2018.

 “The purpose of certification at a higher level is for participants to validate their skills and experience in order to safely and effectively perform their important roles as earthmover tire and rim service technicians,” said Roy Galyer of Klinge Tire Management Consultants, Inc., and a TIA Certified ETS Instructor.

“McCarthy Tire Service is the sixth-largest commercial tire dealer in the United States and the largest OTR and industrial tire dealer on the East Coast, so it is important for our technicians to be on the leading edge of service for our customers,” said Mark Shimko, OTR and commercial corporate safety trainer technician with McCarthy Tire Service, Pennsylvania. “I had the good fortune to participate in the inaugural class for this training, which will have a direct and immediate benefit for our associates and end-users.”

Participants will be required to pass an exam and show proficiency when demonstrating various skills in the field. When they have successfully completed the course, they will receive a TIA/Michelin certification. In order to maintain their TIA certification after the class, technicians must be recertified by TIA every two years.

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