Posted on July 31, 2019

Michelin Air X Approved for Embraer E170


GREENVILLE, S.C., July 31, 2019 ─ Following a rigorous battery of tests, Embraer has upgraded its Embraer E170 regional jet with Michelin® Air X® radial tires, featuring the patented Near Zero Growth (NZG) technology.


The Embraer E170 was launched in 2004 and was originally fitted with bias tires. In 2010, Michelin was the first radial tire to be approved on the E170 with the Michelin Air X M19601 tire. Since then, the Embraer and Michelin teams have worked hand-in-hand to better understand the tendency of the twinned tires on the landing gear to "shimmy" (a system resonance, especially during high speed descents and landings). Using a technology first used with bicycle tires, Michelin engineers have modified the aircraft tire to mitigate this effect. This change led to the Michelin Air X M19602, which has been tested for landings up to 215 mph, and the re-homologation of Michelin radial tires on the Embraer E170.


NZG technology is designed to ensure minimal tire growth: Aircraft tires have very high inflation pressures 217 psi, compared with about 35 psi for passenger car tires to bear the heavy weight of the aircraft.  At high speeds required for takeoff and landing, an aircraft tire can “grow” or expand due to high centrifugal forces. NZG technology minimizes tire diameter growth, and consequently tires are more durable and resistant to foreign object damage


The combination of Michelin Air X tires and NZG technology reduces overall operational costs compared with a standard radial tire. This result is achieved through an increased number of landings (up to 30% more), improved fuel efficiency and exceptional damage resistance. NZG technology also increases tire robustness and reduces fuel consumption, leading to lower CO2 emissions.


The Michelin Air X M19602 is available immediately for the Embraer E170 main gear.

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