Posted on January 29, 2020

Michelin’s Airless Radial Golf Cart Tire Now Offers More Comfortable Ride


ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 29, 2020 ─ Michelin North America, Inc., has introduced the MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® TURF Comfort for golf carts and stand-on mowers, providing a new option for owners who want a smooth ride on dependable, worry-free tires.


This version of Michelin’s airless radial tire-wheel assembly replaces the standard 18X8.5N10 front and rear tire and wheel for gas- or electric-powered golf cart users.


“Michelin developed the new Comfort version based on direct feedback from our customers,” said Justin Brock, senior marketing manager, Michelin North America. “This version will allow them to enjoy all the benefits of the current Tweel with improved comfort and traction. This product will replace the current aesthetic version in our portfolio. We will continue to manufacture the utility version for utility golf carts that demand higher load capacity.


The product can be purchased from the Michelin dealer network, through the Nivel partner golf dealer network, or via direct, online ordering, which makes it easy to obtain.


The new design includes a softer shearbeam construction, which reduces stiffness and improves ride comfort. A longer contact patch gives the tire better traction on flat surfaces and slopes. Lower ground pressure reduces turf damage. The wheel has a four-bolt pattern with a -0.4-inch offset and a black center hub. The Comfort can also be used on stand-on mowers that use an 18x8.5N10 size tire.


Because the X TWEEL TURF has no air, it cannot go flat, eliminating the need to maintain air pressure. It’s constructed with high-strength poly-resin spokes that carry the load and create suspension-like characteristics for the golf cart. This structure absorbs impact and reduces bounce for improved operator comfort.


The tire boasts a durable, multi-directional tread that provides long wear life. It has a maximum speed of 25 mph and a maximum load of 529 pounds.


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Nicolás Cuartas | February 5, 2020 @ 12:55AM
Hola, soy un estudiante de la Universidad Ecci en Colombia, estamos realizando un proyecto para la NASA llamado ROVER CHALLENGE y quería saber que posibilidad hay que la empresa Michelin nos patrocinara llantas cómo estás para el proyecto, nosotros cumpliremos con la función de mencionarlos y adionalmente hacerles propaganda por los medios de comunicacion, informes de trabajo, etc.

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